King Jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a new Targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.

Gearing up for what will be the longest night of my life.




This Thursday, Scotland votes for its independence.

The BBC is trying to report that Yes to Independence is losing. They’re using photos to imply our gatherings are tiny and insignificant instead of the many photos like those above. They’re reporting that an anti-independence march by the Orange Order (think the KKK with more British flags) was a peaceful pro-union family march. They have been caught editing clips to discredit our First Minister.

There is a protest outside BBC headquarters right now. They are claiming there are a maximum of 350 protesters.

Watch for yourself. There are far more people outside their offices right now and they are being ignored and misreported.

We need to be seen. The only way we’ve been able to disseminate accurate information has been through social media. The media we rely on to spread unbiased information is lying to us, trying to suppress us.


springsnotfail, do you have anything to add? I am not an expert here.

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Stucky AU: Reincarnation (Headcanon by falconbigbutt and winterthirst)

"We were cursed by one of our enemies, destined to fall in love with each other only to watch each other die lifetime after lifetime." (above gifs quotes from Smallville and The Fountain)

There is no afterlife for them. They die. Then reborn, only to lose the memories of their previous life and have the urge to find someone-someone important. They would have dreams. They wouldn’t understand any of them but the feeling of loss, until they find each other.

Only to lose each other again to Death and everything starts over.

Or until 1940s, until Bucky fell, until Steve flew the plane into the ocean, until he woke up in the same life and Bucky didn’t die but live. (Description based on falconbigbutt’s post)

Bonus: Steve Dying for your pleasure

fic coming soon
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Better You

I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.

Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.



a blessing.


Endless list of favorite movie pairings
Drive Me Crazy 1999
Nicole Maris (Melissa Joan Hart) and Chase Hammond (Adrian Grenier)

Everyone's talking about Arianne being cut from the series, why is this a big deal?


Because if it is true, what they’ve done is taken a major POV chapter female character from the books and erased her and given her role to a male FOR LITERALLY NO REASON. WHAT IS THE REASON? WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? HOW DOES IT BENEFIT THE SHOW AND THE STORY TO TAKE AWAY ARIANNE’S STORY AND GIVE IT TO A DUDE? THERE IS NO REASON THERE’S NOT ONE REASON

and like if that wasn’t bad enough, so much of the point of bringing in Dorne and the Dornish characters is to show how differently they view and treat women within the medieval hell that is Westeros. It’s the only kingdom that doesn’t practice primogeniture and has a history of female rulers (for example, Doran and Oberyn’s mother, not their father, ruled in Dorne. BUT WHEN THEY THREW A THROWAWAY REFERENCE TO DORNE’S PREVIOUS RULER IN THE SHOW, THEY CHANGED IT TO A MAN LIKE LMAO WOW D&D DID WOULD IT REALLY FUCKING KILL YOU TO MENTION A RULING PRINCESS DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR BASIC ASS ON THE WAY OUT). The whole fucking kingdom was founded by a woman. It serves as a way to show that the misogyny is Westeros is not the norm, but a choice and that it’s not like that everywhere. It’s easy for the reader to be like ‘okay, this is a medieval-based world, of course women aren’t going to rule’, but Dorne just existing the way it does throws that completely out of the window and it’s REALLY IMPORTANT. 

And like a concept so central to the asoiaf series is shining a light on how misogynistic the fantasy genre itself often is, how female characters are underdeveloped or token ‘sorceress’ villains or two-dimensional love interests. It shows through example how authors have the choice to write dynamic roles for women in a fantasy setting but just choose not to and blame it on the standard within their world? like YOU WROTE THIS WORLD. YOU INVENTED IT. YOU HAVE MADE UP THE CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS OF THIS WORLD AND WILLINGLY CHOSEN TO NOT INCLUDE WOMEN IN THAT OR SHOW HOW THEY CAN STILL HAVE STORYLINES AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN A SETTING THAT SUFFOCATES THEM

And like by choosing FOR NO REASON (!!!!!!!!!!!!) to TAKE AWAY a female character like Arianne - who is sexual, who owns her sexuality, who uses it as a weapon, who was raised to rule, who is confident in her power, who is in cahoots with her girl gang cousins (who are all powerful in their own ways, who all identify their femininity differently and use it as a tool differently) to STAGE A COUP AND PUT A FEMALE ON A THRONE OF THE ENTIRE SEVEN KINGDOMS BY USING THE VERY LAWS OF DORNE THAT GIVE HER POWER is honestly just so fucking offensive. And stupid. And throwing one of the key tenets of the series back in its face probably because they’ve seen how ”’badass”’ people think Oberyn was and want another ”’badass”’ Dornish character just like him and of course that can’t be a woman!! No woman cool here!! Tough boy make show better!! Go jump off a cliff.

"Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles"

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We’re going to the future, Bucky Barnes says, and he hands Steve 
Rogers a copy of today’s paper, presses him close against his side,
and they dream about warless times and flying cars.

Seventy years of sleep later, Steve Rogers lies on the glass of a 
dying helicarrier, gazes up at angry yet fearful eyes, touches the 
fist scrunched against his chest.

If this is the future, let’s stay in the past. [x]